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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Save money while saving the plastic tree

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, EcoLogic Solutions requests that clients return empty, used 5 gallon pails.

Simply save your 5 gallon pails once your organization has used up your stock of green cleaning products. When our delivery person arrives to drop off your next order, you can give him or her empty pails and the delivery person will bring the pails back to our office to be reused.

Inquire about financial incentives from EcoLogic Solutions if you wish to return empty pails.

EcoLogic Solutions is totally committed to being as sustainable as possible. We are constantly surveying the market to bring our customers the greenest products available. Unfortunately there is not an adequate alternative to plastic pails at this time. Reusing pails will reduce all of our costs and further our shared commitment to a sustainable earth.

Monday, August 28, 2006

In Business 4 Good

As an organizition committed to social justice and sustainability, the blog of EcoLogic Solutions would like to highlight the efforts of our friends. In Business 4 Good, a weblog is trying to raise 50 Billion Dollars for Good Through Community Based Media Re-distribution campaigns focused on Peace & Non-Violence; Women & Children First; Our Animal Friends; Our Planet; and Artists' Selections. Give them your support.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Green politics in Minnesota: Jesse Mortenson takes a stance

Speaking of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, Jesse Mortenson is running as a Green Party candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives seat 64A "in order to represent the just and sustainable future that so many of my neighbors believe in."

Currently only a small handfull of US states have elected Greens in the legislature.

Regardless of your political views, keep an eye on this race if you are interested in the environment and politics.

See Jesse Mortenson for 64A for more information.

Investment in public transit creates more sustainable NYC

A Newsday article reports that an increase in Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) ridership has outgrown population growth in the New York City region. While the metro population has increased by 7% in the last ten years, the ridership on MTA trains and buses has increased by 36% in the same time period.

MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow offers this explanation.

"Commuters have overwhelmingly responded to MetroCard discounts, new trains and buses, cleaner stations, reduced crime, and better on-time performance."

Clearly the investment in public transportation has caused an increase in ridership and made New York a more sustainable city. Listen up public transit laggards like Minneapolis. If you build it (and keep the price reasonable) they will come.

Now if I could only catch that elusive G train...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mommas Baby

If you came across our blog seeking information about environmentally preferable cleaning solutions, or as we call it, Deep Green™ cleaning, we thought that we should recommend a link to our friends at Mommas Baby Purely Natural and Organic Products for Momma and Baby.

May we assume some of you purchasers of green cleaning products have families outside your institution's walls...?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why not take the bus to school?

So much for walking 10 miles uphill in the sleet and snow to school. Apparently today's families feel entitled to drive their kids to school. A recent article Gas prices mean more students take bus suggests, however, that skyrocketing gas prices have caused some suburbanites to start (gasp!) putting their kin on the bus.

Parent Patricia Israel expresses a view shared by many when weighing economic and environmental costs. The article explains:
She sees [having her twins ride the bus] as environmentally sound transportation that reduces traffic on the streets and at the school.

It also saves money on gas for her sport utility vehicle. "We're looking at getting a hybrid," Israel said. "Every time I fill up the gas tank, it's like $75."
This parent's quote implies that saving the environment is a nice side benefit but the real motivating factor for change is the money she wastes on her SUV.

If Americans had gauged economic AND environmental costs together we would not see such unsustainable consumption and development patterns in our cities and their suburbs

But this is old news.

In America, development has become so sprawled that taking public transportation does not seem feasible. Not everywhere can be like Brooklyn where traffic, construction and New York drivers keep people on the subway. Nonetheless, a little more foresight can surely lead to improvement if cities (and the individual drivers within them) start taking sustainability seriously.

But come on folks. The city provides a free school bus for a reason--take advantage! Perhaps your children will value public transportation and fix the mistakes of our generation.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Green in the UK

See how our friends "across the pond" support sustainable lifestyles.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Here are links to all our friends in true Sustainable Business

Other Links- Friends in Sustainable Business

Here is a list of my friends and "neighbors" from the Co-op America Green Business Network. Please support these fellow green businesses and help keep make the world a Greener place!


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Lilipad Studios-Green line of hand painted children's furniture

Lovey Bums-Natural & organic cloth diapering products

Mommas Baby-Natural & organic products for momma & baby


Ecologic Solutions-Ecologic solutions

Green Clean Inc.-Increasing awareness about chemical free products

>Green Clothing/Accessories (sustainable- not all green in color...)>

Bamboosa-Soft & protective bamboo clothing

Fashion Incubator-Fashion incubator

Hiroko Kurihara-Natural woolen blankets and scarves

Its Our Nature-Its our nature

Kasper Organics-Organic cotton and hemp clothing and accessories

Moondrop Clothiers-Earth-conscious shop

No Sweat Store-No sweat store

Sama Wellness-Organic cotton clothes, Natural Living products

Sense Organics-Affordable organic clothing for kids and adults.

TS Designs-Quality sustainable printed apparel

Wyncia-Bags and wearables from scraps and remnants


Authentic Alternatives-Partnering with socially responsible business owners

BN Connections-Resource center for strategic business philanthropy

Crosscut Shredding-Cross cut secure shredding from paper to hard drives

Green Career Tracks-Guiding you to work that reflects what's important to you

Green Key Real Estate-Sustainable business brokerage & green real estate

Inspired Action Inc.-...a completely new way to work

Mind Over Markets-Marketing

Plans and Solutions-Marketing natural foods

Educational Resources

Education Revolution-Alternative education resources

Organic Coupons-Organic coupons

Zero Footprint-Resource for consumers & business


Positive Energy-Positive energy

Verde Energy-Renewable energy contractor services


Etica Fair Trade-Fair trade wine and gifts

Food for Thought-Gifts that matter

Green Tea Lovers-Green tea

Himal Salt-Ethically sourced, climate-neutral Himalayan sea salt and foods

Mellow Monk-Green teas- healthy tasty sustainable

Ruth's Hemp Foods-Hemp foods - GMO-free, organic, delicious, competitive

Wild Organics-A place for organic and sustainable products


All Natural Lawns-Organic lawn care

California Organic Flowers-Organic flowers & gifts. Shipped next day nationwide

Hot Pepepr Wax-Natural insect & animal repellant

Natural Yards-Natural yards

Progressive Gardens-Progressive gardens

Underwood Gardens-Heirloom seed specialists


Annie Grant-EcoChic recycled products, accessories & gifts

Bali Karma-Beautiful gifts for a better world- arts * attire * jewelry

Go Green Island-Natural living retailer- products for home, body, and baby

Hoopla Traders-Fair trade, eco retail boutique

Om Community-The best of the best from the world

Rising Tide-Fair trade boutique

Taraluna Gifts-Fair trade, organic & green gifts & products

Yoga Nine-Yoga Nine Studio, fair trade store & organic cafe

Health and Beauty

A Wild Soap Bar-Natural handmade olive oil soap, retail, wholesale, custom

Agoo Agii-Eco-balanced skin & body care

Dropwise-Premium aromatherapy and organic plant-based body care

Feminine Options-Sustainable alternatives for women

Garden of Eve-Skin care--as pure as it gets!

Miessence Online-All natural 100% synthetic-free cosmetic & skin care

Moonbranch Botanicals-Source of sustainably and ethically produced botanicals

My Healty World-Health supplements & natural health information portal

Purely Shea-Purely shea - organic shea butter skincare

Right Stuff One-Choices for healthier living. RESCUE YOUR SKIN

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Home/ Building

A Natural Home-Affordable organic bedding & furniture

Bag E Wash-Wash & dry zipper style bags in your dishwasher

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Green Markers Supply-Green building supplies

Harmonious Environment-Books & harmonious interior design

Paloma Pottery-Recycled glass infused pottery

Plexus Pacific-Furniture & retail displays made with reclaimed wood

Spirit Hills-25 EZ home improvements that $ave you green

Stark Environmental-Stormwater solutions

Tilonia-Tilonia home textiles bring the color and spice of India


Krull and Company-Socially responsible investing


Sumiche-Handcrafted custom jewelry - sustainably mined gold

Touchwood Rings-Custom designed, handcrafted wooden rings

Long Distance

Come from the Heart-Discounted Long Distance to Benefit Non-profit groups


Ecological Home Ideas-Green home magazine online and in print, for a healthy family, home and earth.

Lohas-Lifestyles of health and sustainability journal

Lucita-Socially conscious, high end web design & visual communication

Mollet Photo-Creative imaging for commercial and editorial clients

Nina Winter and Rob Badger Photography-Fine art photos, stock & photography services

Panoptic Media-Video | DVD | CD-ROM | Web

PvH Communications-Communications consulting on green future&tech issues

Ringe-Ringe-Media Strategy


Greenfield Paper-Tree-free paper

Twisted Limb Paper-Handmade 100% recycled invitations

Paporganics-Sustainable stationery & gift wrap

Pet Care

One With Heart-Organic personal care, holistic pet care

Purrfect Play-Pet-centric products- dye-free, organic & reclaimed fibers


Green Earth Travel-Earth-friendly travel

Ibike Tours-Small groups exploring cultures worldwide

Tree of Life-Tree of life rejuvenation center

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

EcoLogic Solutions added to NYCWasteLe$$ Vendor List

EcoLogic Solutions has always been on the exclusive vendors list for the City of New York. Now any procurement department from any organization can see quality green vendors thanks to the NYCWasteLe$$ database.

See the NYCWasteLe$$ website for more information and tips about becoming a more sustainable organization.

If you were riding public transportation to work this morning in NYC (I hope you weren't hogging the highways with your Hummer!) you may have noticed a little article in the Metro newspaper entitled It’s getting easier to be green:
City Council launches initiative to encourage more eco-friendly businesses.

We do appreciate the City Council's attempts to "make it easier to go green." Yesterdays initiative will help "eco-friendly" contractors and architects connect with local manufacturers of greener alternatives to carpeting and light bulbs.

All this hoopla precedes Local Law 86's implemenation this January. That will pump $12 billion into green buildings funded by the City.

However, while building a green building is an important start, true green buildings must be updated and maintained with the best green technology. Too few "green" projects currently use safer, green cleaning chemicals. A building may be "green" on the outside but continue to poison the planet and workers on the inside.

According to a study quoted in the article by the New York Industrial Retention Network, 87 percent of businesses said they would go green if given resources. That is why NYIRN is pushing for green tax credits to proactive companies.

Which is all fine if it spurs some green purchasing by NYC businesses but it cannot be an excuse for inaction. In fact, most of EcoLogic Solutions' Deep Green™ cleaning technologies are cheaper than the traditional cleaning chemicals currently used by too many building maintainance staffs.

And we are the only manufacturer of sustainable cleaning products based in New York City!

So wake up New York businesses and start buying green today.

Check out an article by Charles Wilson about EcoLogic Solutions' founder Anselm Doering. See the link below


EcoLogic Solutions in the Community

Check out an article by Charles Wilson about how EcoLogic Solutions was formed. See the link below


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Check out our website

EcoLogic Solutions manufactures and distributes a comprehensive product line of non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-polluting Deep Green™ cleaning technologies. Additionally, our consulting services can help enterprises of any size truly Clean without Compromise™.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mission Statement

EcoLogic Solutions (ELS) is the industry leader in environmentally preferable cleaning products for a reason. Our sole purpose is to deliver the safest, most effective and cost-competitive green cleaning products to building maintenance, restaurant and hospitality operations. Furthermore, as a pioneering organization in the sustainability movement, ELS remains committed to the triple bottom line. We are profitable because we prioritize people and the planet.

ELS manufactures and distributes a comprehensive product line of non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-polluting green cleaning solutions. Our peerless environmental standards ensure that our Deep Green™ technologies continue to be the most sustainable products on the marketplace. Additionally, our consulting services can help enterprises of any size, from boutique restaurants to massive universities, begin to truly Clean without Compromise™.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Welcome to EcoLogic Solutions' Blog!

Greetings on a perfect summer day in Brooklyn!

Ecologic Solutions (ELS) manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of Deep Green cleaning products for a variety of clients including institutions, universities, hotels and restaurants.

ELS is the industry leader in environmentally preferable cleaning products for a reason. Our sole purpose is to introduce the safest, most effective and cost competitive cleaning products to mass consumers.

Through mass use of safer options, there is a compound, beneficial impact upon the health of the end-user and immediate environment. 100% of our resources are committed to sustainable development and the selling of fully non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-polluting formulas.

ELS' primary concerns are workers’ safety and the environment. ELS realizes in order to have success, the products must be effective. Many of these products save operations chemical and employee compensation expenses, and outperform the more toxic standard.

Be sure to check back here for more blogs about the green cleaning movement!