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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NPR's Marketplace

Anselm Doering, Founder of EcoLogic Solutions was recently interviewed by NPR’s Marketplace. He shared his point of view about carbon emission offsets, a hot & contentious topic. Click here for the link to the mp3.

The carbon emission offset market creates a tradable permit scheme for carbon credits. A credit gives the owner the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide, and these credits are generated through carbon saving projects in companies and other institutions. They provide a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by giving them monetary value, namely, a cost to polluters and a revenue source for those cutting back.

Anselm briefly explained how organizations could today be reducing their carbon imprint without having to purchase credits (if they can afford them) to feel better possibly about polluting as much as they were before.

There are too many other loose ends for the success of such a trading scheme, such as shifty accounting practices, or lack of adequate pressure to further reduce their imprint for the companies that can afford to sell the credits.

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